Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why another blog about virtualization?

With my friends Bogdan and Aylin at VMworld 2013 
The inception was at VMworld 2013 in Barcelona after a memorable encounter with VMware guru - Duncan Epping.
I know that blogging was the trend few years ago, but with the rise of Twitter and Facebook, it’s fallen out of favor. Still, I think there several good reasons to maintain a blog:
- memento to myself. Found out today how to do something cool? In a year, I won’t remember how to do it … but I might remember it enough to know what to look for. 
- share and give-back. If I found out something, why not share it and save time for other people who might run into the same problem?
- professional resume. It shows what I am passionate about ... right, virtualization. Even if this blog will be just a collection of links and pictures, will show my interests and beliefs. 
- keep in touch with friends. I have 100+ friends on Facebook and Google+, 400+ connections on LinkedIn and not enough time to keep up with everything. So please, my friends, do me a personal favor and blog – I want to keep in touch with you!